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Fotona G - Runner ( Stress Urinary Incontinence + Vaginal Lift)Bangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$798$966$1,026$1,102£565.75
Miradry (Excessive Sweating and arm pit odor treatment)Bangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$1,436$1,739$1,847$1,984£1,018.34
Laser for snoringBangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$319$386$410$441£226.30
Size 0.1-3 cmBangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$38$46$49$53£27.16
Size 4-10 cmBangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$73$89$94$101£52.05
Size >10 cmBangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$93$112$119$128£65.63
Sclerotherapy ( 1 sides) (For veins, 2--3 mm in diameter)Bangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$479$580$616$661£339.45
Sclerotherapy ( 2 sides) (For veins, 2--3 mm in diameter)Bangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$638$773$821$882£452.60
RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) (For vein leaking) - 1 legBangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$2,170$2,628$2,791$2,998£1,538.83
RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) (For vein leaking) - 2 legBangkok - ThailandRattinan Clinic$3,127$3,787$4,023$4,320£2,217.73
Varicose Veins , UltrasoundGuided Sclerotherapy for deeper veins.GA-(YANH)Bangkok - ThailandYanhee Hospital$957$1,159$1,231$1,322£678.90
Snoring Treatment with Pillar Procedure-(YANH)Bangkok - ThailandYanhee Hospital$1,436$1,739$1,847$1,984£1,018.34
Snoring treatment (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty)-(YANH)Bangkok - ThailandYanhee Hospital$1,914$2,319$2,463$2,645£1,357.79
Varicose Veins (Vien Ligation)-(YANH)Bangkok - ThailandYanhee Hospital$1,978$2,396$2,545$2,733£1,403.05
Flap Removal - SmallIstanbul - TurkeyAdem and Havva$1,750$2,119$2,251$2,927£1,241.13
Hyperhydrosis With Surgery-(Qs)Madrid - SpainHospital Universitario QuironSalud Madrid$7,045$10,360$9,060$11,821£4,996.18
Hyperhydrosis With Injectables-(Qs)Madrid - SpainHospital Universitario QuironSalud Madrid$1,069$1,572$1,375$1,794£758.04
Osmidrosis treatmentSeoul - South KoreaBanobagi Plastic Surgery$293$355$377$405£207.75